About Us

Niji Koi breeds top quality Koi fish in large quantities that we sell to the general public. Our prices, quality and service separates us from other Koi dealers and has supported huge growth in our Koi sales. Our selection of Koi provides for a great variety in color, size and appearance that can be adjusted toward buyer preference. From our farm we offer Koi show demonstration events where distributors may select from hundreds of assorted Koi, ensuring that our customer has a variety of top quality fish to choose from.

Products & equipment

We pride ourselves in selling top quality products and equipment to our customers to ensure that they receive great results from their own fish. We offer the buyer an actual location where the products can be viewed before it being purchased.

Services we offer

Online Shop

We offer our customers a one stop shop.

Koi Dam build

We will ensure that you receive the best result for the amount of money you would like to spend.

When building a Koi dam/pond, there can be no shortcuts taken. Using the correct materials is of extreme importance and will ensure that your pond works without any leaks.

Koi Doctor

We have an experienced koi expert that can be contacted to advise you on what to do when your fish are showing negative signs.