Koi Doctor:

Colin has over 18 years of practical, hands on experience healing sick koi fish. Colin is not a qualified veterinarian but with his experience he is considered as an expert in his field.

Colin Styles, our Koi expert, can be contacted in the following ways:

Email: doctor@nijikoi.com

Phone: 082 868 1426

Koi Behavior & Symptoms

Contact the Koi doctor if your Koi fish suffers from any of the following symptoms.

  • Hanging in the water , staying in one place all the time either at the surface or on the bottom.
  • Continually hanging at the surface near the waterfall.
  • Fins clamped against the body.
  • flashing or scraping along the sides or bottom of the pond.
  • Not showing interest or reaction to surroundings.
  • Gulping for air at the surface.
  • Refusal to eat food.
  • Blood vessels visible in the fins or in the white areas of the body.
  • Pop-eye¬† eyes bulging from head.
  • Pine cone appearance of scales -dropsy.
  • swimming alone at all times.
  • Exceptionally thin or fat.
  • Distension on one side of the body.
  • Excessive mucus production.
  • Hanging , head down in the water